Liberal Rocks

Welcome to the Liberal Rocks Project! This is activism for Introverts.

The real fun of the Liberal Rocks community is happening at, so please join us!

*Note: As of July 1 there may be a slight delay on delivery due to a surge in demand*

What are Liberal Rocks all about?

Whenever we ask "what can I do to make a positive change in this world?" we are told to speak up. Make your values known to the world to influence the culture around you. But many of us know that speaking isn't our thing so we are left wondering what we can do. This is a step into activism that anyone can take.

Liberal Rocks are a way to speak your mind, while remaining within your comfort zone. No confrontation, no stage fright, not even the discomfort of making small talk with strangers. Just drop rocks as you walk the dog, go shopping, or as a fun activity with your friends, and they will convey your message for you. While this site is set up as a store, my goal is to get rocks out into the world, and I need your help to do it, so it's pay what you want for the rocks. If you're still not sure how this works, the FAQ is included in each product page below. 

The messages on these rocks are seeds of democracy that you can plant today for a better country tomorrow. So let's rock!

About The Artist

Original Rock Fairy

I'm just a potter and a mom who decided to step up my game in making this world a better place. As an introvert who's more comfortable with computers than with small talk, I wanted to help people like me speak out about the values that are important to them, but in a way that they felt comfortable doing so. 

When I first moved to Ohio (into a MAGAt neighborhood), I couldn't vote during the mid-terms bc of a problem with the Ohio BMV. I felt so helpless! 

But, spreading your rocks in public places made me feel like I was doing something. 

Some examples are: "Country Over Party", "NO Hate", "Read Banned Books", and my favorite (as a Christian) "Be Liberal Like Jesus"!

A close friend who moved to Ohio from a more progressive place hipped me to Liberal Rocks. She drops them everywhere, too. I believe they are sending the right messages and really making a difference. Thank you!

Starr from Ohio

I live in FL and dropping Liberal Rocks helps me stay sane in this insane state! Although I live in a historically blue county, we are still deeply affected by the creeping and overt facism coming from the governor. Thank you for helping me spread good messages, so that others know they are not alone!

Lisa from Florida

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